Party Enhancements

In case you're extra hungry, or just want your party to be extra special - we offer a selection of food add-ons to enhance your party package!

Chicken Tenders (+2 per person)  $4.38 per person
Hot dogs and condiments  $3.13 per person
Hamburgers and condiments $4.12 per person
Sliced Fresh Fruit & Dip platter for 10 $50.03 per tray
Fresh Veggies & Dip platter for 10 $42.53 per tray
Funnel cake sticks $3.75 per person
Dippin' Dots $5.63 per person
Additional Pizza Toppings

$1.25 per topping, per pizza
(Standard party is 2 pizzas)

Themed Birthday Cake $25.02 per cake
(need one week advanced request)

To choose any of these add-ons, just select them in the Party Request Form, or mention them when you call us at 231.549.7918. All add-on prices include tax and service fees. 72-hours advance reservation required!