The Big Couloir - Now Open!

  • Michigan's first ProSlide SuperLoop.

  • Currently the steepest drop in the industry.

Avalanche Bay is proud to announce the addition of Michigan's first ProSlide SuperLOOP™ to our list of attractions! 

Riders begin this thrilling ride in the ProSlide SkyBox™; a launch capsule angled 10 degrees from vertical (the steepest drop in the industry) with a trap door on the bottom. Adrenaline kicks in as the floor suddenly drops out and you are propelled into the narrow enclosed tunnel and instantly accelerated to a top speed of 38 feet per second. Powerful G-Forces glue the rider to the wall the entire way around the tight 360 degrees SuperLOOP  before the watery run out brings them to a stop at the bottom. It's an experience you won't want to miss!

The ProSlide SuperLOOP has no minimum weight restrictions* so everyone over 48"  tall will be experience the thrill of going from top to bottom in approximately eight seconds!

*The ProSlide SuperLOOP  does have a 300lb maximum weight restriction. 

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